January 9, 2014

The Ehs - Mini Reviews

I would just like to wish my boyfriend, Steven, a very Happy 22nd Birthday!

I’m not saying these products didn’t work for me or that they aren’t great products.. I just don’t really care too much for them. I believe they’re better products out there.

Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector improved my skin when I first started using it. I didn’t notice any big improvements until the 3rd month of using it. I noticed it was brightening my forehead scars and evening out my skin tone. At the time, I thought this was amazing! I finally brighten most of my pigmentation!  .. But it wasn’t until I purchased the Truth Serum that I realized that this wasn’t all that great. The Truth Serum brighten my skin and improved my skin tone within the second week of using it. Within two 1/2 months my forehead dramatically improved. Clinique’s Even better isn’t a bad product but I don’t think it’s the best brightener out on the market!

REN’s Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask: REN's Mask did a pretty nice job brightening up my face, and I did see fairly good improvements after the first month of using it. I truly do like this mask but just like Clinique, it wasn’t until I tried Nude’s Miracle Mask that I realized it pretty alright. I still appreciate REN’s Mask, I found something better to replace it. I don't think this mask is worth all the hype. I'm actually shocked that I didn't break out from it- I broke out from 3 other REN products.

Origins Super Spot Remover helped clear my pimples. I still don't care too much for this spot remover because it dried my skin way too much. I found that this only worked on pimples that had whiteheads. It didn’t ease the pain that was caused by my under grown pimples at all. I guess my skin just don’t get along well with Origins products. Kate Anti-Bac was the perfect swap for Origins Super Spot Remover.

January 5, 2014

The I Can't Do Withouts

Along with becoming a better writer (english is my worst subject), I want to have clear skin. Jenny’s post, here, really touched me. I know how she feels when it comes with dealing with acne; I’ve had it ever since I was 13. Although my skin isn’t bad, it’s still not the best nor ‘good.’ I’m not trying to pile 100 different skincare products on my face just for a blog but more for myself…..I’m still not trying to do that because A. it cost a lot of money (lol) and B. It’s not good to test too many products. I’m over acne and I don’t want to risk anything! It’s been a long, insecure journey for me, battling acne. But ever since I started this blog, my skin has greatly improved. Here are a few products that have worked for me.

Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free moisturizer:  The current trend for these enduring, long , cold months seems to be a rich moisturizer. I haven’t been able to put this moisturizer down since the day I bought it. I find that Kate’s Somerville Oil-Free moisturizer gives my skin an extra boost of hydration without ever feeling too greasy. Truth be told, I simply cannot do without it. Moments after a simple facial application with a few swipes, my skin looks and feels different. Sort of like a sponge, my face is filled with healthy, hydrating ingredients. These keep my skin from getting dry. This feeling gives me a lot of confidence knowing that my skin will not break out. Waking up in the mornings has become a rather calming experience for me: I no longer feel like I’ve just spent 24 hours in a desert. No other moisturizer has given me as much satisfaction and results as Kate’s Somerville Oil-Free moisturizer does. That’s why it has become my daily moisturizer of choice. Just one push that’s all you’ll need for a perfect application. The 1.7oz jar should last around 5-6 months, if used daily or every other day. Use it in the morning and in the evening, and I can guarantee that you will be very pleased with this selection. This is the perfect morning moisturizer and if you like, you can apply it in the evening too.

FRESH Seaberry Moustirzing Face Oil: My skin is always in need of a great oil that isn’t too heavy, provides hydration, and doesn’t leave an extremely greasy finish. Fresh Seaberry has blown me away, especially during this season. It doesn’t matter which skin type you are, this will work for you- guaranteed. During this dull winter season, Fresh’s Seaberry has brightened up my skin without leaving my skin in distress. Just a small amount is all anyone will need to for this little baby to work. I usually mix this in with my moisturizer or I apply this on it’s own. It does leave a little dewy finish, so beware. I normally use this during my evening skincare pamper. You can just whether or not you prefer to use this during the day or night - there’s not difference. Over time, I saw that it helped my skin become more even and hydrated. I suffered from hydration for many years, and only just realized it. I’ve noticed such a difference to my face after months of use. If you trouble with any hydration, please give this a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Kate Somerville’s Anti -Bac is perfection for anyone who deals with constant spots. This lotion spot treatment helps disinfect, cool, and fight off pimples. What I love about this spot treatment is how fast it works! Within a few days my skin feels and looks a lot better. I have a more detail post coming soon for this.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum has been writing on my blog plenty of times. But in a nut shell, this serum is great for anyone who needs a skin brighter that will remove scaring and pigmentation within a few weeks. 

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